Our Vision is to be a world renowned Construction, Trading and Development Corporation that will help Filipinos and other nations to build their lives.


The 1024 Construction & Development Corporation seeks to promote long term business relationship and partnership with our clients and other companies by letting them experience World Class Quality Service  that our company provide and complete Customer Satisfaction.

Our company seeks to promote Green Architecture Advocacy by introducing the latest Green Materials and Construction Technologies to our client and by using them to our projects that will help save our environment from its continuing deterioration and dilapidation.

Our Company seeks to build  a strong and stable company that will provide employment for our Filipino Brothers  with the enjoyment of the benefits that they should receive and with the benefit of being our partners in service.

Our Company is committed to continuous charity works with the help from its Clients, its Partners and its NG and NPO (Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization) like The Rotary Club International and the likes that seeks to promote selflessness and outreach to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.